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How To Pass The Bar Exam?

Written by editor on April 1, 2015 Categories: Education Tags: ,

The bar exam is one of the final steps required to have a license to practice rules. The jurisdictions in America require attorneys to sit for the Multistate Bar Examination, as well as MBE. The MBE has questions that cover contractual rules, constitutional law, criminal rules, evidentiary law, real residence law, and tort rules. The […]

Go for Lecture Audio Transcription, Stop Writing Notes

Written by editor on March 22, 2015 Categories: Education Tags: ,

Lecture is oral representation used by teachers and experts. There is no doubt that lecture is the most commonly used teaching methods. In colleges, universities, schools and in other educational institutions lecture is inevitable and with this comes lecture transcription assignment. Most of the audio transcription service providers have turned their focus towards lecture transcription […]

Online Courses Getting Common Nowadays

Written by editor on February 13, 2015 Categories: Education Tags: , , ,

Chairs, tables, desks, class boards have become a thing of the past. One of the major problems of today's fast paced life lies in the scarcity of time. It is almost a rarity to find people these days following one particular stream of study for several years. In fact, the latest trend is multi-tasking, since […]