Everything You Want To Know About Urban Farming

Written by editor on February 25, 2015 Categories: Environmental Tags: , ,

City dwellers are combining hustle of their city life with the nature by urban farming. It is a result of growing concern of people over food and health. Growing organic and pesticide free food seems to be easier to the people against the risk of having contaminated harmful substances. Urban farming is considered as an eco-friendly alternative to produce fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs. 

Urban farming can be done in backyards of houses; even people living in apartments are converting their roofs into urban farms. People use small pots to grow herbs; these can even be placed inside the house and do not even need much space. People create completely designed backyard, featuring seasonal veggies and fruits. A little bit of planning can turn your garden or backyard into a farm producing fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can plant various types of vegetables at different times of the year. Growing autumn vegetable like squash with early summer strawberries is considered to be a good idea. You can enjoy variety of fruits and vegetables at any time of the year. Preserving fruits is also possible from home grown goods. One does not have to worry about the increasing prices also, while having a farm in the backyard.

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