Find Out Exactly How Norwex Cleaning Solutions Work

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what is Norwex product

Norwex is the Norwegian MLM organization that publicizes all its cleaning product line-up through its network of independent consultants and distributors worldwide. The company is flourishing and globally acclaimed for its widest range of cleaning and personal treatment products. The cleaning and personal treatment products of the company are for the growing number of people who want to lead a better quality life without putting any harmful chemicals on skin and in the midst of safe environment. If you are still wondering, what is Norwex then consider reading the reviews and testimonials of users to know deeply about the effectiveness of the products and the company background.

So, what is Norwex product all about? Well, all the products of the company are formulated according to the strict ingredient standards, in adherence to its motto “every home should be a safe haven”. The key product of the company is the microfiber cloth that can clean dirt and dust without chemicals. The company also has a home based business opportunity for people who desire to host a Norwex party at their homes and also for people who are searching effective ways to earn additional income as distributors and consultants. There is a great compensation plan under which the consultants earn 35% commission for sales of the products and distributors receive free products if their sponsored consultant sells at least $2000 worth products in first 90 days.


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