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Double Dead Meat – Food To Avoid In The Philippines

Written by editor on March 28, 2015 Categories: Food and Drink Tags: , ,

Double dead meat, aka hot meat, is a Filipino term designating meat or poultry sold in markets, which have already died from disease before having been cut up. The term botcha can also be used interchangeably with double dead meat. The expression is said to originate from two Chinese words bot and cha, which means […]

Benefits of Yogurt Maker Reviews

Written by editor on March 19, 2015 Categories: Food and Drink Tags: , , ,

Planning to purchase a yogurt maker is one thing, but being in the actual process already is another because it can become quite hard most especially since there are already a lot of models available in the market. Because of this, the best thing that you can do is to rely on various yogurt maker […]

Need Of Herb Grinder

Written by editor on February 12, 2015 Categories: Food and Drink Tags: ,

It is a burden to break down mass amounts of herbs by hand, and thus the herb grinder finds its perfect use. Herb grinder saves time since cutting the herbs by hands may take up lot of your time. The purpose of grinder is to grind up the herb into a very fine amount. The […]

Taco Bell Reducing Salt Content In Their Products

Written by editor on January 29, 2015 Categories: Food and Drink Tags: , ,

Taco Bell has cut sodium amounts across its menu an average 15 percent over the past five years, according to a report this week in the Louisville Courier-Journal. "Viewing and reducing sodium while retaining excellent flavor and worth is a journey we have been on since 2008," said Rob Poetsch, Taco Bell spokesman. "While we […]