How SEO Changed Marketing

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Marketing has existed in various forms ever since mankind appeared; it had been a standalone, recognized field for decades when the Internet emerged. The true impact of the Internet on marketing happened when SEO developed at an unprecedented level and it became obvious that traditional marketing methods had limited effectiveness compared to online marketing tools.

The internet provides additional channels and mechanisms for marketing and online marketing comes with some undeniable benefits such as reduced costs, easier control, better customer service, competitive advantage and precise targeting of audiences.

It is easy to understand how marketing has been influenced by SEO if you think about your day, the usual situation that each one of us has experienced: we are interested in a certain service or product, but before making a decision, we search it on the Internet to find out information.

The algorithm changes implemented by search engines in the last few years (the criteria used by a website to display search results) have changed forever the way business market themselves. With the Penguin and Panda updates of Google, it is no longer possible to trick search engines, with black-hat techniques and the only way to rank high is to publish contents which appeal to human readers. This is how content marketing, the love child of SEO and marketing, appeared for business to promote themselves while those happy to take a few more risks can do so by using expired domains for backlinking purposes.

Not only traditional advertising became rather obsolete and online channels became privileged, but it became increasingly important to provide your readers with contents which are not necessarily aimed directly at selling. Instead, an online marketer has a variety of tools nowadays to increase business profits: editorial articles, press releases, videos, social media marketing, infographics and so on. No more paying for advertising, but more time spent on preparing high-quality content and distributing it.

In conclusion, what a business needs today is professional services for managing its website, as it is one of the most important tools for increasing profits and promoting the brand, along with social media. Marketing has become just as dynamic as the Internet, and businesses need to adopt changes fast or they are left behind. There is no time for waiting history to be written and afterwards draw conclusions; innovation and adapting on the go are crucial.

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