Important Questions To Ask Your Online Estate Agent

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There are several online agents you can choose from, in order to make certain you select the best one it is best to ask the following queries:

1. Will the house be marketed on just about all major UK property sites. 90% of buyers search for property on-line, if you are not for the most visited portals you will end up missing out on enquiries.

2. Is the online estate agent an associate of the Ombudsman for Estate agents Scheme, which means that they are governed by the Business office for Fair Trading Rule of Practice for Home Agents.

3. Does the agent advertise a phone number. It is important that there are actually somebody at the tip of the phone you can talk to.

4. Will the agent supply a On the market board? It is amazing the amount interest a board can create.

5. Ask the agent to provide a list of there services, plus fees and charges (and which on the latter are payable whether or not they can't provide a new buyer).

If your online property agent can provide you an acceptable answer to each one of these questions then the odds are that they can offer the best value approach to selling your house. For the money, their service is unrivaled.

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