Living on the Lake for Summer

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I have several friends who live in Tennessee. Mutual friends of mine who are married now live in the Aventura Apartments right across in the convenient location of Indian Lakes in Clarksville TN. Whenever a few of my girlfriends want to get together we tend to make our way up to the local favorite bar and grill called Sam's Grille. It is a fun atmosphere with great prices on drinks.  The best thing about the place they lived was that everything was in walking distance so never needed a car or taxi.

Awhile back a few of my other friends and I went to the Old Hickory Lake dock that is right on the border of Hendersonville and Gallatin. There we had tons of fun going skinny dipping and acting like high school kids. Another one of my friends used to live right near the lake, and when we all needed a place to crash after a night out his place was right around the corner to rest our head for the evening. I remember in summer times we would spend many days at his house and lake.  Every time when weather got nice we made our way to the lake.  I have very fond memories of Clarksville.


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