Numerous Types Of Fabric Printing

There are lots of effective fabric printing styles , all around the world. In this article I have mentioned few of them for your consideration, go through them carefully:

a) Discharge Printing 

Discharge Printing is printing on a dyed fabric, this method makes use of destroying agents such as chlorine or hydrosulfide to destroy color on the fabric & makes colorful print on it. This type of printing has ability to make bright, opaque on dark fabrics. The printed fabric is then steamed & washed thoroughly. In between, I would like to add this much that you can even CALL 1300 742 332 FOR A QUOTE to get the best priniting options to choose from, for your business promotion.

b) Reactive Printing 

Reactive printing is usually made using heating method & this is the method of printing a wax, dyes, pigments or other colorants onto a fabric or some other printable materials. The printing method makes use of plate method, first the picture print onto a first substrate which acts as an intermediate between the first substrate & materials substrate & then picture is transferred to the materials substrate that may be cotton or some other printable material, here the colorants cross linking takes place by the reaction between compounds selected from each of chemical groups. These chemical groups capable with reacting with active hydrogen & someone of this group if it is present in the ink, then the picture prints onto the material substrate.


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