Quick Tips to Repair Scratches on Sandstone Surfaces

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Various homeowners prefer to use sandstone for various purposes like for kitchen countertops, floor tiles, patios, stair treads, wall cladding and shower stalls. These stones are also known as naturally porous stone and are sealed after installation in order to protect it from moisture (which generally results in all sorts of damage like discoloration and cracks). In order to repair these sorts of damages, you need to follow just one easy process which is given below:-

First and the foremost thing that you need to do is to mix cup of oxygen bleach powder with 2 liters of water. Make sure that the bleach is completely dissolved. Take a plastic scrubbing brush and make sure that you dip it into the solution above. Make sure that you use brush to scrub all the parts of the sandstone that have constant stains and scratches, as this will remove all the dirt and grime. After that, use a cloth that you have dampened with clean water to wipe down the sandstone. Then use a dry cloth to wipe the sandstone. Hop on to http://www.brickandstonerepair.com/sandstone-repair.html, to know more about sandstones.

One would then require taking a wad of grade steel wool. After that make sure you dampen this cloth in cold water. Use the steel wool to rub at the stains and scratches on the sandstone floor until you can no longer see them. It is advisable that one should not use a heavier grade of steel wool because this can further damage the sandstone. Last but not the least you will require to apply a thin layer of sealant to the area of the pavers using the particular applicator that is provided.

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