Take your Lover to Wasini, Kisite or Shimba Hills on Valentines Day

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February is just around the corner and coast Kenya is the place to be during Valentine ’s Day. It is the place where you find visitors lazily enjoying the beach activities in the wonderful beaches in the area. In coast Kenya, Diani beach is the most famous being rated the best in Africa as a beach destination. However, over the valentine day love, privacy, intimacy and fun are key to enjoying the day. It is therefore paramount to choose secluded destinations for honeymoon and valentine day in Kenyan coast

Spend your valentine or honeymoon in Wasini and Kisite Marine park happens to be one of the destinations that is quite private and special for a couple looking for solitude and intimacy. It is perfect for dhow rides especially the evening sunset ride that gives the couple a moment to reflect, swim in the deep sea and just enjoy each other’s company. There is a restaurant one can take lunch or dinner, usually a seven course meal with sea food included. To get to this place, you will be taken from your hotel to Shimoni where you will get a waiting dhow to Wasini Island, proceed to the island for fun and snorkeling.

In Kisite Marine Park, enjoy the ride from Shimoni through the villages where you can stop to go for a tour to the slave caves with the help of a guide. Proceed to Kisite marine park where you snorkel and interact with the dolphins all day. After lunch in the restaurant, visit the village and interact with the locals there.

For a get away from the beach, plan a trip to Shimba hills which is just nearby and enjoy a whole day of game drives and a wonderful night in the wilderness. It is a perfect place for intimacy and romance as you enjoy the quiet nature around you. You will spend the night in a tree top lodge overlooking a waterhole that brings close many numbers of elephants. Mwaluganje sanctuary is just nearby and you can plan to visit there as well. To have your  honeymoon or valentine day in Shimba Hills or wasini and kisite, organize with a known tour company that will plan everything for you and take you there.

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