Taking Care Of Your New Puppy

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Before bringing in the new puppy, you need to learn about few important things. A new born puppy is like a new born baby, they are completely depended on their mother. From his nourishment to his protection puppy is completely depended, mother teaches them everything. When you bring the puppy to your home after separating him from his mother, then you need to take care of him as new born baby.

Know about the diet of your puppy and buy the same from the store, feed the puppy with the food he has been eating before also. Also take a gallon of the water he has been drinking so, that he doesn’t get affected by the sudden changes. You and your family needs to understand that excitement of all of bringing a new puppy home can be overbearing for the little one. So, give them some time to adjust. British grit and Shih Tzu pup get along fine still be a little attentive and note their behavior.

It’s true that puppies are full of energy but they also spend long hours of day sleeping. The puppy is nervous and excited about his new surroundings, let him explore the house and get comfortable. Take a pup to the veterinarian after two or three weeks as he is already stressed about the new surroundings. So, do not stress him more by introducing the young one to the vaccination. Also, start your puppy as soon as possible if you want a well behaved dog.

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