The Care and Cleaning of Your Wooden Knife Block

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When you invest in quality kitchen knives, you should take into consideration how you are going to store them. Keeping them in a drawer in the kitchen will dull them considerably more quickly than they should, and it also can chip and damage the blades likewise. Using a wooden knife block is the best way to store your knives and keep them from being damaged.

The problem with wooden blocks is they can often trap germs and bits of food within their tiny slot machine games. They can be difficult to completely clean, but if you take proper care to clean your knives appropriately before storing them, it can steer clear of the buildup of harmful bacteria. It is still important to completely clean your storage block every once in a while. Learn more about knife blocks and its various kinds by doing some internet research.

Make sure you wash your complete knives and let them dried up properly before storing them. Trapping water within the knife slots can cause shape or warping. While the blades are drying, turn the knife block over and shake out several crumbs as possible. Keep shaking until no longer crumbs will come out. When shaking won't get the job done, you can use a can easily of compressed air -like you'd probably use to clean your computer keyboard-to blow a few of the gunk out.

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