What is the Difference between iPAS and iPAS 2?

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iPAS 2 success formulaThe iPAS2 supercharged is an updated version of the original iPAS system. This is an online business solution that allows just about anyone to make money through internet marketing. iPAS is an acronym for internet prospect acceleration systems. This system was started by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell and works together with Empower Network. It is sometimes termed as the booster pack for Empower Network. Why is this so? For one to be a member of iPAS, one must first be a member of Empower Network. This means that when you are signing as a member to iPAS, you are also signing to be a member of Empower Network.

How do you earn from iPAS?

When you sign up, you get to pay membership fee and you make someone else earn a commission. Once you are a member, you should convince other people to join either Empower Network or iPAS. When anyone joins using your referral ID, then you get to earn commission from them. iPAS makes your internet marketing very easy. This is because once you become a member, they avail to you sales funnels, website creator, profit maximize, online training materials even if you are a newbie to marketing, coaching system as well as weekly newsletters.

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