What Is ufun utoken?

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UFUN is a large network marketing company with some ambitious goals. UFUN is most famous, however, for something called uToken. uFun created uToken as a digital currency. Launched in 2014, UFUN Group has branches in a number of different industries, including e-Commerce, networking, and even charity.  It wants uToken to be the next BITCOIN. Like other virtual currencies, uToken exists entirely online. As a result, UFUN claims that the price of uTokens will never fall. Unlike most other currencies, however, uToken is backed by real gold reserves (virtual currencies like BITCOIN are backed by no tangible wealth).

Now, UFUN is starting to expand into America’s competitive world of network marketing. Is uToken legit? UFUN has quickly expanded across Asia in the past year and currently maintains offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Myanmar, Australia, and Hong Kong. Did UFUN really create an inflation-proof currency? Let’s find out today in our UFUN uToken review. Token is a new virtual currency that can be used in a number of different online transactions. Trade uTokens where you’ll find real people all over the world offering goods and services in exchange for uTokens. This can transfer uTokens directly from person to person.

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